Directions to the Church of the Redeemer


Muristan Road
P.O. Box 14076
91140 Jerusalem

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Directions to the Church of the Redeemer (Old City)

You can reach the Old City by bus or car. Within the Old City you can only travel on foot. Parking spaces can only be found around the Old City and in the nearby New City early in the morning - or by accident. Therefore, please use public transport to get to the Old City: taxi, bus or tram.

You can reach the Church of the Redeemer most conveniently

  • through the Jaffa Gate, via David Street and turn north (left) into the Muristan.
  • through the Damascus Gate and follow the Beit Habad (the old cardo) to the junction of the street toward the Holy Sepulchre to the southwest (right). Here you can already see the north wall of the Church of the Redeemer.
  • by Stephen's or Lion Gate. Follow the Via Dolorosa to the Beit Habad (the old cardo), then turn to the south (left). Follow it until you reach (after only a short while) the turn-off to the Holy Sepulchre to the west (right). Here you will see the north wall of the Church of the Redeemer.

Directions to the GPIA Jerusalem (on the Mount of Olives)


The Jerusalem Institute has been housed in the “Cana'an'sche Haus” in the Augusta Victoria compound on the Mount of Olives since 1982. The bell tower of the Protestant Church of the Ascension acts as a guide for all visitors, as it is visible rom far away.


By bus from the New City

From the Central Bus Station in the western part of Jerusalem, take line 26 or 68 in the direction of "Mount Scopus". After about a 25-minute ride, the bus will reach the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. You now have about 20 minutes' walk ahead of you. Use the highly visible bell tower of the Lutheran Church of the Ascension as your guide. Walk around the compound of the Hebrew University until you see the Augusta Victoria Compound to the south. Now it is only about three minutes’ walk to the Institute. From the main gate of the Augusta Victoria Compound, go towards the hospital and the Church of the Ascension. Keep to the right of them and follow the signs within the compound. After passing the church, turn left (not sharp left). Then follow the road up to the gate of the institute.

By Arab bus from the Old City

From the Arab bus station on Sultan Suleiman Street, opposite the Damascus Gate, take line 75 in the direction of "Mount of Olives". The large buses stop after about ten minutes (two official stops) at the entrance of the Augusta Victoria Compound. However, you should inform the driver in advance where you want to go. Without proper information the bus takes a different route. From the main gate of the Augusta Victoria Compound, follow the directions above.

By taxi or rental car (from the airport or from Jerusalem)

On request, the Nesher taxis drive from the airport directly to the Augusta Victoria Compound. From the main gate of the compound, follow the directions above. Ask before getting into a taxi how much the ride will cost. A trip from the Damascus Gate to Augusta Victoria Compound costs about 30 to 40 NIS by Nesher taxi. From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, you can expect to pay about 60 NIS. There are parking facilities at the institute.